Admission Process

Students on the Rolls of the institution

Admission will be made on the basis of counselling made by University, College admission form and information brochure can be had from college office. Institute does not accept any donation. if anybody demond donation, please inform management.

This Section shall include the following information about the students on the Rolls of the institution.

(a) Date of Commencement of the current academic session B.Ed. : June
B.T.C.(D.El.Ed) : September
(b) Last Date Fixed by the affiliating body for session B.Ed. : 02 July
B.T.C. (D.El.Ed) : 22 July
(c) Date of last admission made in the institution B.Ed. : 30 Jume
B.T.C.(D.El.Ed) : 22 September
(d) Mode of Selection of students
whether students are selected by affiliating Body or by the institutin (Marks whice is applicable)
  • Selected by affiiating body
  • Selected State By Government
  • Selected By Institution
B.Ed. : By State Government
B.T.C.(D.El.Ed) : By affiliating body

whether Entrance test is conducted by the Institution / affiliatin body /State Govt.

State Government

  • B.Ed : By State Government
  • B.T.C : By affiliationg body
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